I’m sure you all know by now that I’m a big geek, so it’ll come as no surprise that I really love collective nouns – you know: a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, a pomposity of professors…  I was wondering if anyone had ever made a definitive list of collective nouns for people of different nationalities, and not finding one online I thought I might as well do it myself.

So, here it is: my very own list of not-so-politically-correct collective nouns for the people of every country in the world.

If you can think of any better/funnier ones, let me know and I’ll change ’em!!


Collective Noun

As In: A/An…

Afghanistan Burka Burka of Afghans
Albania Bunker Bunker of Albanians
Algeria Battle Battle of Algerians
Andorra Yawn Yawn of Andorrans
Angola Expense Expense of Angolans
Antigua and Barbuda Bird Bird of Antiguans
Argentina Tango Tango of Argentines
Armenia Block Block of Armenians
Australia Smug Smug of Australians
Austria Hitler Hitler of Austrians
Azerbaijan Donkey Donkey of Azerbaijanis
Bahamas, The Hammock Hammock of Bahamians
Bahrain Causeway Causeway of Bahrainis
Bangladesh Flood Flood of Bangladeshis
Barbados Beard Beard of Barbadians
Belarus Soviet Soviet of Belarusians
Belgium Bruges Bruges of Belgians
Belize Caricom Caricom of Belizeans
Benin Dahomey Dahomey of Beninese
Bermuda Triangle Triangle of Bermudans
Bhutan Mystery Mystery of Bhutanese
Bolivia Titicaca Titicaca of Bolivians
Bosnia and Herzegovina Resilience Resilience of Bosnians
Botswana Bushman Bushman of Batswana
Brazil Wax Wax of Brazilians
Brunei Billionaire Billionaire of Bruneians
Bulgaria Uncle Uncle of Bulgarians
Burkina Faso Sankara Sankara of Burkinabe
Burma Junta Junta of Burmese
Burundi Grundy Grundy of Burundians
Cambodia Watt Watt of Cambodians
Cameroon Bribe Bribe of Cameroonians
Canada Puck Puck of Canadians
Cape Verde Morna Morna of Cape Verdeans
Cayman Islands Dodge Dodge of Caymanians
Central African Republic Basketcase Basketcase of Central Africans
Chad Chip Chip of Chadians
Chile Coast Coast of Chileans
China Phlegm Phlegm of Chinese
Colombia Escobar Escobar of Colombians
Comoros Coup Coup of Comorans
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Tintin Tintin of Congolese
Congo, Republic of the Brazza Brazza of Congolese
Costa Rica Coffee Coffee of Costa Ricans
Cote d’Ivoire Frank Frank of Ivorians
Croatia Tie Tie of Croats
Cuba Castro Castro of Cubans
Cyprus Division Division of Cypriots
Czech Republic Book Book of Czechs
Denmark Skol Skol of Danes
Djibouti Booty Booty of Djiboutis
Dominica Pelau Pelau of Dominicans
Dominican Republic Domino Domino of Dominicans
Ecuador Cuy Cuy of Ecuadorians
Egypt Baksheesh Baksheesh of Egyptians
El Salvador Pupusa Pupusa of Salvadorans
England Whine Whine of English
Equatorial Guinea Thatcher Thatcher of Equatoguineans
Eritrea Nakfa Nakfa of Eritreans
Estonia Kroon Kroon of Estonians
Ethiopia Ark Ark of Ethiopians
Fiji Kava Kava of Fijians
Finland Moomin Moomin of Finns
France Surrender Surrender of French
French Guiana Papillon Papillon of Guianese
Gabon Bongo Bongo of Gabonese
Gambia, The Strip Strip of Gambians
Georgia Stalin Stalin of Georgians
Germany Efficiency Efficiency of Germans
Ghana Groove Groove of Ghanaians
Greece Zorba Zorba of Greeks
Greenland Kermit Kermit of Greenlanders
Grenada Bishop Bishop of Grenadians
Guadeloupe Loop Loop of Guadeloupians
Guam Runway Runway of Guamanians
Guatemala Pyramid Pyramid of Guatemalans
Guinea Failure Failure of Guineans
Guinea-Bissau Unrest Unrest of Guinea-Bissauans
Guyana Pepperpot Pepperpot of Guyanese
Haiti Voodoo Voodoo of Haitians
Holy See (Vatican City) Molestation Molestation of Vatican Citizens
Honduras Endurance Endurance of Hondurans
Hong Kong Woo Woo of Hongkongers
Hungary Attila Attila of Hungarians
Iceland Bjork Bjork of Icelanders
India Entropy Entropy of Indians
Indonesia Disaster Disaster of Indonesians
Iran Ayatollah Ayatollah of Iranians
Iraq Saddam Saddam of Iraqis
Ireland Craic Craic of Irish
Israel Wail Wail of Israelis
Italy Mob Mob of Italians
Jamaica Marley Marley of Jamaicans
Japan Bukkake Bukkake of Japanese
Jordan Petra Petra of Jordanians
Kazakhstan Borat Borat of Kazakhstanis
Kenya Sprint Sprint of Kenyans
Kiribati Pronunciation Pronunciation of I-Kiribati
Korea, North Trauma Trauma of North Koreans
Korea, South StarCraft StarCraft of South Koreans
Kuwait Ishallah Ishallah of Kuwaitis
Kyrgyzstan Yurt Yurt of Kyrgyzstanis
Laos Elephant Elephant of Laotians
Latvia Baron Baron of Kazahkstanis
Lebanon Hezbollah Hezbollah of Lebanese
Lesotho Tutu Tutu of Basotho
Liberia Return Return of Liberians
Libya Daffy Daffy of Libyans
Liechtenstein Corporation Corporation of Liechtensteiners
Lithuania Lita Lita of Lithuanians
Luxembourg Suit Suit of Luxembourgers
Macau Casino Casino of Macanese
Macedonia Alexander Alexander of Macedonians
Madagascar Lemur Lemur of Malagasies
Malawi Streak Streak of Malawians
Malaysia Lumpur Lumpur of Malaysians
Maldives Submersion Submersion of Maldivans
Mali Band Band of Malians
Malta Cross Cross of Maltese
Marshall Islands Mathers Mathers of Marshallese
Martinique Fort Fort of Martiniquais
Mauritania Anachronism Anachronism of Mauritanians
Mauritius Stamp Stamp of Mauritians
Mayotte Referenda Referenda of Mahorais
Mexico Chinchilla Chinchilla of Mexicans
Micronesia Jib Jib of Micronesians
Moldova Bender Bender of Moldovans
Monaco Yachtfull Yachtfull of Monegasques
Mongolia Genghis Genghis of Mongolians
Montenegro Bond Bond of Montenegrins
Montserrat Eruption Eruption of Montserratians
Morocco Kif Kif of Moroccans
Mozambique Metical Metical of Mozambicans
Namibia Bratwurst Bratwurst of Namibians
Nauru Noddy Noddy of Nauruans
Nepal Tenzing Tenzing of Nepalese
Netherlands Dyke Dyke of Netherlanders
New Zealand Jackson Jackson of New Zealanders
Nicaragua Lake Lake of Nicaraguans
Niger Yaake Yaake of Nigeriens
Nigeria Scam Scam of Nigerians
Northern Ireland March March of Northern Irish
Norway Troll Troll of Norwegians
Oman Mist Mist of Omanis
Pakistan Jinnah Jinnah of Pakistanis
Palau Island Island of Palauans
Panama Canal Canal of Panamaians
Papua New Guinea Queue Queue of Papua New Guineans
Paraguay Snore Snore of Paraguayans
Peru Picchu Picchu of Peruvians
Philippines Balut Balut of Filipinos
Pitcairn Islands Bounty Bounty of Pitcairners
Poland Glum Glum of Poles
Portugal Vasco Vasco of Portugese
Puerto Rico Gang Gang of Puerto Ricans
Qatar Jazeera Jazeera of Qataris
Reunion School School of Reunionese
Romania Vlad Vlad of Romanians
Russia Tetris Tetris of Russians
Rwanda Reconciliation Reconciliation of Rwandans
Saint Kitts and Nevis Whisker Whisker of Kittians
Saint Lucia Woz Woz of Saint Lucians
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Privateer Privateer of Saint Vincentians
Samoa Umu Umu of Samoans
San Marino Serenity Serenity of Sammarinese
Sao Tome and Principe Corner Corner of Sao Tomeans
Saudi Arabia Intolerance Intolerance of Saudis
Scotland Grumble Grumble of Scots
Senegal Wolof Wolof of Senegalese
Serbia Exit Exit of Serbians
Seychelles Takamaka Takamaka of Seychellois
Sierra Leone Diamond Diamond of Sierra Leoneans
Singapore Dock Dock of Singaporeans
Slovakia Cheque Cheque of Slovakians
Slovenia Ljumble Ljumble of Slovenians
Solomon Islands Wantok Wantok of Solomon Islanders
Somalia Anarchy Anarchy of Somalis
South Africa Vuvuzela Vuvuzela of South Africans
South Sudan Garang Garang of South Sudanese
Spain Fiesta Fiesta of Spaniards
Sri Lanka Wicket Wicket of Sri Lankans
Sudan Cataract Cataract of Sudanese
Suriname Maroon Maroon of Surinamers
Swaziland Polygamy Polygamy of Swazis
Sweden Nookie Nookie of Swedes
Switzerland Gnome Gnome of Swiss
Syria Krak Krak of Syrians
Taiwan Heist Heist of Taiwanese
Tajikistan Somoni Somoni of Tajiks
Tanzania Massi Massi of Tanzanians
Thailand Tuk-Tuk Tuk-Tuk of Thais
Timor-Leste Horta Horta of Timorese
Togo Kaiser Kaiser of Togolese
Tonga Kailao Kailao of Tongans
Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Calypso of Trinidadians
Tunisia Eisley Eisley of Tunisians
Turkey Dervish Dervish of Turks
Turkmenistan Niyazov Niyazov of Turkmens
Tuvalu Pulaka Pulaka of Tuvaluans
Uganda Idi Idi of Ugandans
Ukraine Chernobyl Chernobyl of Ukrainians
United Arab Emirates Blackberry Blackberry of Emiratis
United States Swagger Swagger of Americans
Uruguay Plate Plate of Uruguayans
Uzbekistan Plov Plov of Uzbeks
Vanuatu Bungee Bungee of Ni-Vanuatu
Venezuela Chavez Chavez of Venezuelans
Vietnam Tet Tet of Vietnamese
Wales Taff Taff of Welsh
Western Sahara Dune Dune of Western Saharans
Yemen Plot Plot of Yemenis
Zambia Kwacha Kwacha of Zambians
Zimbabwe Mugabe Mugabe of Zimbabweans

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  1. leech

    how about an obituary of odyssians?

  2. Bink

    You’re clearly a very intelligent person. I’m sure you could have thought of descriptors that don’t reflect the traumas suffered by certain countries. I’m sure Zimbabweans and Ukrainians would not appreciate the list as it refers to them, for example.

    1. Cody

      Add Uganda to that…

  3. segacs

    Also, I really think it ought to be a Gangnam of South Koreans. Just sayin’.

  4. segacs

    A puck of Canadians… sounds vaguely dirty. 🙂

  5. Mikko

    You’ve misspelt ‘Papillon’.

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