As I travel around the world I’m more than happy to talk to journalists and give exclusive interviews. I’m a good talker, have tons of incredible stories and I scrub up well (kinda).


Loads of lovely interviews here from CBS, the BBC, MSNBC, CNN, NZTV…


I’ve done six TED Talks about The Odyssey Expedition – TEDActive, TEDxSheffield, TEDxSalford, TEDxBrixton, TEDxLiverpool Youth, TEDxBathUniversity as well as Thinking Digital in Newcastle, UK.



The Daily Mail: British man becomes first person to visit all 201 countries… WITHOUT using a plane

The Telegraph: ‘How I visited every country in the world – without a single flight’

The Independent: Been there! Epic journey takes in all 201 countries and a lot of sofas

The Liverpool Echo: I’m off to visit every country

WaterAid: Go Graham!

The Guardian: Briton Arrested in Cape Verde

BBC1: Film-maker jailed off West Africa

The Independent: Fears for arrested roundworld filmmaker

The Liverpool Echo: Liverpool Filmmaker held in Cape Verde Prison Cell

BBC2: Global filmmaker arrested again

The Japan Times: Global-trotting Brit sets a new record for itchy feet

The Arab Times: Briton Travelling Around The World Without Flying

Gulf News: Flying the flag for a world aware of its carbon footprint

The Mumbai Mirror: Grounded!

The Hindu: Footloose Around The World

The Fiji Times: Race To Reach 201

HKarts, Hong Kong: A Conversation With Graham Hughes

Beacherry Podcast, Hong Kong: Interview With Graham Hughes

If you’re interested in interviewing me, just give me a shout via the Contact page.

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  1. Ernst Schnell

    Hello Graham,

    Not sure if you know already, but you have a double page in Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Reality Shock (their 2015 annual publication). Just because I cannot see it on the list above 🙂

    All the best!

  2. Anushka Patodia

    Hi Graham,

    Tried getting in touch with you via the Contact page but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m writing to you from Conde Nast Traveller India and we would love to interview you in the magazine. Please email me if you’re interested in the same and we can take it forward from there.



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