Days M171-174: An Express Elevator to Hell!

Fri 16.03.12 - Mon 19.03.12 We left Nauru at around 7pm, and I was disappointed that customs didn’t come back on board before we set sail. I would have liked a Nauru stamp in my passport, but hey-ho. There’s a number of countries that I haven’t got entry or exit stamps for, including every country in the EU, so it’s not something that keeps me awake at night. As we drew our course west towards the setting sun I looked back over Nauru. There can be no doubt that this country, like so many others in the world, would have been better off if there were no natural resources for The West to plunder. 100 years of high-grade phosphate mining and nothing, NOTHING to show for it... except a ruined interior, periods of man-made drought and tons of scrap metal littering the countryside. This is the…

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Day 101: The Shipping Booze

11.04.09: Today was a half day for the Filipino crew - it's a public holiday in the Philippines, so they got to let their hair down and skull a few beers. By the time I joined in, the party was already in full swing with Nickelback (of all people) blearing on the stereo. So I ended up sitting off drink a few beers with Crazy George and Chivas Regal the Cook, while Andrey and Emerson danced like maniacs to some really naff adult-orientated rock. After some rather boisterous shenanigans and tomfoolery, I opted for the quiet life and ended up sitting upstairs with the Icelandics - Albert the Supercargo and Joey the Crane Operator - enjoying a few beers and tales of life on the ocean. All in all, a very enjoyable night, but I wasn't looking forward to the hangover the next day.

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