Days 725-762: What’s Happening, G…?


Well, I was hoping to be back on the road by now, but as anyone who’s been watching the news in the last couple of weeks will tell you, this is not the best time to be mooching around the South Pacific IN A BOAT. Monster storms like Cyclone Yasi here would make short work of an aircraft carrier, never mind a Sloop John B.

So I’ve been spending my time wisely, I’ve been working on the book of my adventures, I’ve got myself an agent (finally!!) and a manager (finally finally!!). I’ve been in contact with fellow adventurers Tim Cope and Steve Crombie (who, interestingly enough, is one day older than me… must have been some solar activity around that time) and they’re really helped me out with getting my s— together.

I’ve had a couple of meeting with Lonely Planet and yes series two of Graham’s World will be made (one way or another). If it all goes completely pear-shaped I’ll edit the damn thing myself and stick it on YouTube for you all to watch for free.

The final 16 has become the final 17 as we welcome a cheeky bit of South Sudan into the League of Sovereign States. Good job, Juba!! I hear the vote was 99.57% for the split with the mad, corrupt, authoritarian north. If you think about it, it’ll make a much more satisfying ending to all this Odyssey madness, don’t you think? Also means I get to ‘do’ northern Kenya AGAIN! Back on top o’ that truck! Huzzah!

It’s been great to catch up with my friends and family here in Australia, which is (I guess) my second home. I been able to have as many baths as I like, stuff my face with Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with the ice-cold semi-skimmed milk dribbling down my chin, consume my bodyweight in Anzac Biscuits and Arnott’s Shapes and sleep in a proper bed for more than a few days at a time.

It had a great opportunity to do some tedious (but necessary) improvements to the website, such as getting the blogs in chronological order, correcting the dates and adding pictures and music into the mix.  Woo!!

But, best of all, I’ve been able to reforge the tight bond between me and my girlfriend Mandy. Not many relationships could weather the storm of being separated for so long, but what we’ve got here is special. Damn special. And not special like a special bus going to a special school neither.

Me and the Mandster
Me and the Mandster, Boxing Day 2010

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took me in or bought me a pint over the course of 2010, keep in touch and I’m sure I’ll see you again before long.

At the moment I’m beavering away on a kick-ass Chapter One of my book in order to secure an advance, which I can then spend finishing this crazy journey (I did mention I was skint didn’t I?). I’m not looking for megabucks!!

From October 2009 to today, I’ve been to over 60 countries – from Madagascar to Australia via Kyrgyzstan – and spent just £7,241. That’s it – about 450 quid a month, and most of that went on visas. If you knocked Libya, Saudi and Central Asia out of the equation, the costs would have been a lot less.

Just to put that into context, a train season ticket for 16 months worth of travel from Peterborough to London (that’s just 77 miles BTW) would set you back a whopping £8,309.

I know what I’d rather spend my money on…! 😉

Keep on Truckin’