Graham David Hughes was born in Liverpool at the wrong end of the seventies. If you had to define in a sentence what drives him perhaps it’s the desire that years from now schoolchildren across the land will be required to learn his date of birth.

From an early age Graham has stood out from the crowd. With his striking auburn hair and encyclopaedic knowledge of smutty jokes he was always going to be noticed and he has grown up into a person that once you meet him, he’s hard to forget.

Madcap Schemes

Graham has always had a plan to make his mark and has always has a madcap scheme or three in the offing — once he finds something he wants to do he sets about it wholeheartedly. He is the one shouting the loudest, his hand is up highest, he is the squeaky wheel after the oil. He is a keen reader, and has a range of knowledge that includes (but goes way beyond) current affairs and copious amounts of pop culture. If you’re ever at a house party with him, be prepared to find yourself deep in conversation about anything from the Crab Nebula to the politics of modern Africa to the films of Akira Kurosawa, via Jabba the Hutt, monkey butlers and Viz Magazine.

Travel & Cinema

Graham’s major passions are travel and cinema, both were cultivated from childhood. He was in Eastern Europe as the map was redrawn after the end of the cold war, and partook in some eccentric summer holidays road-tripping in a Cadillac through the country lanes of Wales. Since leaving Manchester University with a degree in Politics and Modern History, Graham has taken in more of the world – single-handedly travelling around the world in 2002, and picking up his sassy Aussie girlfriend Mandy along the way. A trip to Serbia’s Exit Festival in 2007 took in Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo (amongst others) on a meandering return leg, bringing his ‘country tally’ up to a total of 70.

Music Videos

Since returning to Liverpool, Graham has devoted his time to a number of enterprises, specifically his company, Hydra Studios. With Hydra he has written and directed a number of excellent short films and won the inaugural Liverpool 48 Hour Film Challenge in 2006. From 2002-2008 he was heavily involved in the Liverpool Music Scene, shooting or producing videos for Hot Club De Paris, The Dead 60’s, The Basement, (We are) Performance, Peter And The Wolf, Lyons And Tigers, China Crisis, The Coral, The Real Kicks, The Sonic Hearts, Metro Manila Aide, Kaya, The White Rose Movement and filming for the release of the Arctic Monkeys second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare. He has also written numerous treatments for larger film projects and has developed scripts with the support of the UK Film Council.

Plunging Headfirst

Graham-Hughes-Pink-TeeNever one for the ‘normal’ 9 to 5 lifestyle, Graham can normally be found beavering away on a project or painting the town red. Or (more typically) both at the same time. He is at his best with a deadline and a plan of how to get it done. Forever plunging headfirst into new experiences — he’s the guy who always says ‘yes’ and then worries about how he’s going to do it afterwards. Anywhere he lays his head is home for the night. It is this spontaneous and unpredictable attitude that has shaped his life so far, given him some of his funniest stories and his incredibly eclectic group of friends.

THE ODYSSEY EXPEDITION is the culmination of his decade-long dream to travel to every country in the world, set a new world record, raise money for a worthy cause and entertain people along the way.  Christ knows he’s been banging on about it long enough.

– Dino Deasha, December 2008

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    Absolutely amazing story!
    Have you ever thought of writing a book?

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