FINALLY!! The Odyssey Expedition comes to AMERICAN TV!

On MONDAY 21st DECEMBER 2015, Travel Channel in the US is dedicating an entire afternoon to screening the entirety of the first year of my epic adventure (Uruguay to Egypt)!! That’s right… eight back-to-back episodes of Lonely Planet: Odyssey with Graham Hughes.

It begins @ 11/12c… whatever that means!!

It’s a Gramarathon!


On Travel Channel’s site:

And CHECK OUT the amusing listings on…

Leg 5: The Road to Nigeria Season 1, Episode 5
“The road to Nigeria includes a European sailor savior, an arrest for people smuggling and a hilarious goat.”

Author: Graham

Adventurer, filmmaker, blogger, double Guinness World Record Holder. The first person to visit every country in the world without flying. I currently live on a private island in The Caribbean that I won in a competition.

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  1. Awesome!!! Hope we in the US can get more places to watch your adventure! I only caught the last two episodes but I really want to see more.

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