Top 10 WORST Hotels In The World!

Since I’m the only human being to have visited over 200 countries and territories of the world without flying, I feel (almost) qualified to say that something is the [superlative goes here] ‘in the world’.

That being the case, here’s a list of what I regard as the TEN WORST HOTELS IN THE WORLD: be warned, staying at these places could mean you end up dead, or worse…

The Overlook Hotel

The Overlook Hotel

Cold, isolated, eerie – the barstaff seem friendly enough but the lifts are often full of blood, the doors aren’t axe-proof and the maze in the back garden is a potential death trap.

Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel
Although overpriced and glitzy, it would be quite a decent place, if it’s clientele wasn’t so chock full of scoundrels and drama queens. After a few hours with these self-obsessed loonies, you’ll vont to be alone, too.

The Black Lodge

The Black Lodge
If backwards talking dwarves, blood red curtains and scary looking guys called Bob are your thing then come along to The Black Lodge, situated somewhere in the spooky woods. If not, how’s about you smash your head in the mirror and repeat after me – How’s Annie? How’s Annie? How’s Annie?

Fawlty Towers

Fawlty Towers
A satisfactory guesthouse experience, completely ruined by the lousy staff – the waiter is an buffoon (who cannot speak a word of English), but it’s the manager who’s a real piece of work: an uptight, exasperated lunatic who seems hell-bent on upsetting, offending, injuring or even killing as many of his guests as humanly possible. Avoid.

Bangkok Hilton

Bangkok Hilton
Damp, smelly, crowded conditions, no facilities – just a bucket in the corner and you have to share on the floor with the cockroaches. The owners are unhelpful, rude and frequently violent. At least it’s cheap to get in – all you have to do is shag a good-looking backpacker and allow him/her to tamper with your luggage.

Bates Motel

Bates Motel

Norman and his mother will try their level best to make your stay a pleasant one. Unfortunately, since one of them is as mad as a bottle of chips and the other is dead, I’d advise against testing out the en suite facilities…

Hotel Earle

Hotel Earle
The last place you want to be if you are suffering from writer’s block – dirty, hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, constant interruptions by Roseanne’s husband… Hotel Earle is quite literally hell.

Guest House Paradiso

Guest House Paradiso
If the location next to a leaking nuclear power plant is not enough to put you off, then the lack of hot water, flushing toilets or food should do it. The owners are a proper pair of pervy weirdos. Although if you manage to stay for 2 hours without puking, you get a special discount.

Kellerman’s Resort

Kellerman's Resort
Girls will love this low budget place, but blokes will hate it with a passion.  The lack of anything interesting actually happening will confuse and annoy in equal measure. There is a crèche, but babies may not be put in the corner. And by the way, the dance floor is believed to be carcinogenic.

Le Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Paris
Not to be confused with the Grand Hotel in Berlin, this one is also a total bummer. If by some chance your wife goes missing while you’re in the shower, forget about getting any help from the rude and obstructive staff. You know what? They’re probably in on it, the cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes is a British adventurer, presenter, filmmaker and author. He is the only person to have travelled to every country in the world without flying. From 2014 to 2017 he lived off-grid on a private island that he won in a game show, before returning to the UK to campaign for a better future for the generations to come.

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  1. Ron

    The worst is

    The Patio Hotel in Philadelohia

  2. Alissa

    As an Aussie girl who has only been to three countries (Australia, Singapore, Maldives), even I got the humour in this from the first hotel, and was cacking myself by the Kellerman reference! Obviously an extreme latecomer, I’ve spent the whole day on your blog instead of my housewifely and motherly duties while my four year old watches youtube videos of Barbie in French. Hey, don’t judge, shes learning another language 😉

  3. Aisha

    Lawl!!! At least i’m lucky i won’t have to stay at a hotel as I’ve got family all over! Unless i go Spain… 🙂 Thx for the pics and your opinions

  4. Daniel Greer

    The Stanley Hotel near Estes Park, CO (yes, the one in your picture) was the inspiration for Stephen King’s “Overlook Hotel.” While the real hotel may not be quite as exciting as the Overlook, it does have a few secrets of its own. The hotel, built in 1908, included swastikas (the original un-rotated non-NAZI version) on the mantelpieces. These were later covered with square pieces of wood which can still be rotated to reveal the swastikas behind. Visit Colorado and see for yourself though, the place can get quite eery at times!

  5. Mark

    Travel bloggers are computer nerds who are good at SEO and nothing else. Most comments on travel blogs are from other travel bloggers. It is one big daisy chain set up to try and improve page rank. How dare you introduce ‘tongue in cheek’ articles to the most dullest of online genres. Shame on you! Everyone knows faulty towers is not real 🙂

  6. Ben Dadds

    Carcinogenic dance floor lol

    Some of the replies to this article are simply gobsmacking

    Do people really trawl the Internet looking for new forums to publicly display their arrogance and idiocy?

    Seems so


  7. Kirsty

    Oh my God, I literally cried with laughter at the idiocy of some of these comments!! Absolute cretins – hilarious and SO entertaining without even trying – what talent! Seriously though, love your work, Graham.

  8. Coop

    Dont talk rubbish you silly loser. The Fawlty towers does not exist its a 70’s UK T.V sitcom and Guest House Paradiso is a 90’s UK comedy programme called Bottom. So you have never stayed at any of them

      1. Tom Ross

        /\ SPOT THE AMERICAN /\

        1. Rob

          I would be the first one to call foul against any ignorant comments by my countrymen, but typically we Yanks don’t ever say “rubbish” or spell the word “programme” 🙂 So let’s leave nationality out of this and just chalk it up to a failure to understand Graham’s finely-tuned sense of humor. Party on, Graham!

  9. pierre falot

    133 countries in one year.. and how many countries do you really know now? sorry but I don’t think you became a travel expert by spending 3 days in 133 different countries … seriously that’s not enough ahaha
    quality against quantity : which one is the best ? I’d say quality, sorry.
    I don’t think you can really judge so much as you think

      1. pierre falot

        I’m not talking about holidays. but I just think that knowing a country mean living there for a while, trying to act and live as locals.
        may I ask you what was the longest period you stayed in the same country ?

        Thanks for the answer

        1. Graham

          Yes, if I wanted to be an expert on a particular country I would have to live there for a prolonged period, but the fact remains that just by visiting all these places – even if only for a few days, I learn a hell of a lot more than people who have never been there. 99% of people have never even HEARD of some of the places I’ve been, and it would take me days to find someone who could point them out on a map.

          Doing THE ODYSSEY EXPEDITION has given me an incredible overall knowledge of the geographic, historical and political facets of every single country in the world, being able to visualise the place in my mind and having made friends there (don’t forget I always CouchSurf) I really couldn’t ask for more.

          Plus these places aren’t going anywhere. I’m not retiring my travelling hat after all this… yes, be warned everybody: I’LL BE BACK!!

          Longest Stay: Australia (9 months)
          Shortest Stay: Vatican City (1 minute)

  10. Luke

    God! I wish I knew how to fool people as much as the writer of this article. This guy has been watching too many Saw movies. The typos too- full of them!

    I’d use a different site. Waste of time here.

    1. GrahamStalker

      Fool people?
      When you saw Star Wars, did you think it was trying to fool people into thinking there was really a war in space?
      It’s obviously a joke… you must be angry because you were the only one who was “fooled”.

  11. Matham Ramesh

    Please add Bella Sky Comwell to your list.

    Be Warned !
    Guys! If you ever go to Copenhagen, never stay in a hotel called Bella Sky Comwell, even though it is near the airport. The WORST ever service I have come across. Those fellows removed all my foodstuffs from my room. Trust me, they did. My powders and pastes, which constitute my first-aid kit when I go abroad–for we vegetarians get nothing palatable in Europe. But the hotel staff removed it.
    When I complained, they had the audacity, the gall, the temerity to offer me a ‘compensation’ of 100 DKK, as though I were a begger waiting for their alms. I asked the hotel General Manager if I could have lunch in the hotel for 100 DKK. The man, of course, didnt reply.
    But that is not all. You try to call the front desk, they put you on hold for ten minutes before they come on the line. They dont keep one complimentary water bottle in the room–if you feel thirsty, too bad for you, take from the mini bar and pay.
    Horrible, horrible service.
    I have visited 20 countries in the world, stayed in perhaps 35-40 hotels. Never have I come across such poor service. (Not even Taj Samudra, where, no matter how many times you flush, the toilet bowl doesnt clean and they dont keep a brush in the bathroom.)
    Remember the name: Bella Sky Comwell. Place to avoid, while in Copenhagen.

  12. Firas

    The family and I were stopping on holiday in Dilijan-Armenia, there we learned about Dili Villa B&B a small hotel, Went for a meal to celebrate and ordered their “Dolmas” a special Armenian food. The meal itself looked good and tasted good but gave us severe food poisoning which meant we had to take days off and had loss of enjoyment. A letter of complaint was written but no reply was ever given!! So I guess this also should be in the list !

  13. elizabethann

    The Bangkok Hilton looks like a prison, are you sure you went to the right place? Owners unhelpful and violent? One bucket to share? Maybe you’re hidimg something from us, 😉

  14. Fegz

    Awesome job mate, keep up the good work

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