New Twitter Feed: “EveryCountry”

If you want to follow The Odyssey Expedition and Graham’s World on Twitter, you can follow me using my shiny new account name – EveryCountry – by clicking on this link:

EveryCountry was available and I’ve been trying to change the name on my old Twitter account for ages, but Twitter has some nutso thing going on that has been stopping me from changing anything, so I’ve had to start from scratch. We apologise for the inconvenience 😉


Adventurer, filmmaker, blogger, double Guinness World Record Holder. The first person to visit every country in the world without flying. I currently live on a private island in The Caribbean that I won in a competition.

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  1. Juanta Tarigan

    Hello Graham. If you travel to Indonesia.. Please come to Yogyakarta.. a city with a javanese heritage… I always watch Graham’s world in Nat Geo Adventure… It inspired me to travel the world….

    Would you mind if you pass through Yogyakarta or Central Java please give your position… I just want to shake your hand and salute you…. What a great journey…

    Me and my friends would be glad to show u around the Yogyakarta and Central Java….

    Have a nice adventure…

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