Short Films

I write, shot, directed and edited all of these films for competitions with a budget of less than £20. Which invariably got spent on beer for the actors.

Jedi Knight Out (2005) may only be 30 seconds long, but it scored me a pair of tickets to the Star Wars Episode III premiere in London.

Day of the Jackanape (2006) won me £1000 and the inaugural Liverpool 48-Hour Filmmaking Challenge.

The Censor (2007) was written for a MySpace competition (back when people used MySpace!) and actually got promoted on the MySpace front page for a few hours, gaining up to 50,000 views until somebody at MySpace actually watched it, saw all the swearing, blood, guts and nudity and – in a fabulous display of art imitating life imitating art – The Censor was *DE-LEE-TED*.

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  1. I just watched the censored version of The Censor (no boobs). It is a good one Graham. Congratz.

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