Interactive GPS Route Map

I carry a little Sony GPS logger with me everywhere I go and it takes my position (when it can get a fix) every 15 seconds. I’ve embedded my GPS logs into Google maps so you can zoom and check on my progress.

Click for interactive full screen map… be warned, with over 100,000 waypoints it can take a while to render!


  1. Hey Graham, your GPS log link isn’t working. Care to fix it, please? I would love to see it.

  2. matt schulman

    can you please write a book. i havnt read a book in over 5 years. i would read this one

  3. You didn’t visit Niue?

  4. I followed this journey of Graham with very much interest. I have seen some of the clips of his trip on You Tube. I think what he did was amazing and would like to say well done to him. I know some countries have expensive visas and one example is Russia. Travel on land is easier than crossing large areas of sea. It was a shame some of Africa proved very challenging like in Cape Verde. I hope Graham will sell a set of disks showing his journey.

  5. Nice tour! But you should at least overnighted in every country. Not only step over the border and return immediately. You had 4 years to do so. But still nice trip.

  6. This is truly amazing.
    Your trip, this experience, this share…
    Congratulations to you!

  7. You skipped Greenland! Not quite a sovereign country, but autonomous. Since you went to the Faroe Islands and Kosovo and Tibet, you should go there too. I dunno if it can be done by boat though.

  8. Hey congrats! I would like to ask you which gps device would you recommend to get to register a path, export data and put them on map etc…? Also who did you cope with the needs for charging or the bad weather conditions, rain dust etc… whats the next step, maybe the moon??? :)

  9. Now Graham old boy, take a look at a close up of your two GPS lines into and out of North Korea. You sure as hell didn’t traverse that path, particularly without an official “guarded” tour. So if your GPS readings are “that” inaccurate for North Korea, what are they truly like for everywhere else?

    • Yeah, the GPS wasn’t working very well in that area, but then that’s to be expected I guess – the two Koreas are still technically at war. Doesn’t really matter as I have video evidence: I have video or photo evidence of all the other small border hops as well, so don’t worry!!

  10. What about the French Guyana? I didn’t find it on the map and in the pictures

    • First of all; it’s French GUIANA and second of all; it is a French over seas department and it doesn’t count towards the overall total due to it not being a sovereign independent nation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. This map shows that you haven’t really visited Russia – the border between it and Estonia is not crossed by the GPS line, at least on the map

    • Lucky he’s going back there then, isn’t it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      He also failed to fully enter Somalia according to this map, but I guess that’s more to do with Google maps being slightly off with the border.

  12. Sorry Graham, but what you’ve done is just a waste of time in my opinion. It almost seems fraudulent. Stepping into a country??? …All one has to do is look at the map and it’s clear you’ve seen 10% of half the world, and missed 90% of the other half. I hope one day you’ll look back at your 4 year and realized you really missed so much…. Honestly, I’m surprised NG fell for the gimick….

    • He’s doing more than your fat ass will ever hope to accomplish.

    • Graham had been traveling the world fir YEARS before The Odyssey, across more than 70 countries. Pretty sure he’s seen and done more than your sorry ass. BOOYAH! Get the heck out if u don’t like it, we don’t need your pathetic negativity around here

      Oh and btw, leave a DONATION TO WATERAID CHARITY on your way out. Mmmkay?

    • GrahamStalker

      What do you want him to do? Live in every country for 3 years each to fully experience life there? Get out of here.

    • I hope one day you’ll look back at the time it took to write your post and realise what a waste of time it was. Just think, in that time you could have done your own travelling? From your sofa to bed and back again?!

    • Waste of time? Well this is your opinion and you have a right for that.
      I personally admire him for what he did and if it makes him happy thats what matters.
      You have your own will not to do that (and i have to admit, not many people can accomplish that). Well, i have been in north korea for 4 days, in Chernobyl and also backpacking in Iran by myself and this is for me _personally_ a great experience so i can imagine a little.

      Again, i admire what he did and wish him all the best. And donยดt judge if you do not know what experiences he really did.
      (Sorry for referring as “he” here in this post :-) )


  13. I’m keen to know what logger you used – this is a really cool idea! did it just output to a gpx file or something that you upload?

    Congrats on finishing the trip – as a Kiwi also cool to see you did a few loops around our country :)

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