How does anybody know I’m not just some mad loon hiding in my parent’s cellar and gibbering away on the internet with an atlas and a somewhat over-active imagination?


Country Checklist
YES YOU CAN UNCHECK THEM… if you REALLY want to!  But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been there, okay?

Interactive GPS Route Map
This is cool. It takes a while to load up, but it’s worth it. You can actually zoom in anywhere along the route and see the very roads I travelled down and the very gutters I fell asleep in.

Stamps And Visas
A peek inside my FOUR passports.  Of interest to Geo-Philatelists and Graphic Designers the world over.

A Picture Of Me In Every Country In The World
100% NOT Photoshopped!!

Guinness World Record Certificate
There’ a sucker born every minute, but you can’t fool the chaps at Guinness:

Most countries visited in one year by scheduled ground transport

Graham Hughes – Guinness World Record Holder



  1. How does one accomplish this? It has to be alot of hard work and compitment.

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