I asked what I could do to improve the site and the answer was overwhelmingly ‘MORE PHOTOS!!!’. Your wish is my command…


Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes, Famous Cock


Graham Hughes in Every Country in the World 

Graham Hughes in Papua New Guinea

Graham Hughes in Saudi Arabia

Graham Hughes in Central Africa


11 Responses to “Photos”
  1. Anastasia says:

    Good afternoon, Mr Graham!
    My congratulations! You have come a long way and have made quite a feat! It delights!
    I’m from Russia. my biggest dream is to travel around our world. you have proven that everything in this world is possible.
    Greetings from

  2. Suparerk Sankhariksha says:

    Dear Remee McCarvel
    You such a amazing and brilliant for your journey ! How can you did that?

  3. juan david says:

    felicitaciones , saludos desde colombia !! se le recibe con los brazos abiertos en nuestro pais :)

  4. Mk says:

    You are sick

  5. Vyonne says:

    Absolutely fantastic, my hat off to you, brilliant, (jealous as heck) so whats next????

  6. Congratulations ,Graham for your world travel destinations! I’d like to share the same travel adventures . in 1987, I traveled AROUND THE WORLD in 80 days ! Flights from Philippines, Hongkong, Holland; Germany ( crossed country by car to France, Switzerland, West / East Berlin, Germany ; Denmark; Sweden; England;
    USA; New York; Dallas, Texas; Los Angeles, Ca.; Hawaii; San Francisco, Ca; Vancouver, Canada; Honglong; Philippines! July to September 1987!
    In Spring, 2000, I carousel Europe: Las Vegas to Amsterdam, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; by car: Toulouse, Lourdes, France; Rome, Florence, Pisa, Padua, & Venice,Italy; Viena, Austria; Frankfort, Hamburg, Germany; Amsterdam, Holland, Liechtenstein; Brussel, Belgium; Paris, France! to Las Vegas, USA!
    Fall 2000, Swing Around Asia: Las Vegas / Los Angeles, Ca. USA; Hongkong; Singapore; Bangkok, Thailand; Manila , Philippines; Hongkong ; Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia ; Hongkong; Los Angeles, Ca. ; Las Vegas, USA!
    Spring 2009. Rurope Tour: Las Vegas / LA / Amsterdam, Holland / Milan, Rome, Italy/ Athens, Greece / Amsterdam, Holland/ Paris, France/ Dublin, Ireland / Paris, France / Minnessota/ Utah/ Las Vegas!
    Conclusion: I’ve done trips to four continents: Asia; Australia; Europe / Scandinavia; North America : Crossed country USA ( with Alaska & Hawaii )
    Canada and Mexico!
    My goal is to travel Around the world for the 2nd time to places I’ve never been. As follows: Las Vegas to Scotland, UK; Brazil; Russia; Portugal; Greece; Morocco; Holyland, Israel; Dubai , UAE; Cairo, Egypt; Shanghai, China; Hongkong; Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Melboune, Gold Coast, Australi; Taipei, Taiwan; Los Angeles, Las Vegas! Hopefully in the near future!

    I appreciate the opportunity to share my travel adventures to inspire others to SEE THE WORLD BEFORE YOU LEAVE IT! LIFE IS TOO SHORT! NEVER TAKE TIME FOR GRANTED! Make life to its fullest! Bon Voyage!

    Greetings from Las Vegas! Experience exciting places in one destination!


  7. Schtick says:

    Next mission, to get jiggy with it in every country.

    Saudi Arabia here we come.!

  8. Richard Eves says:

    To Claus,

    My mum’s from Ruggell in Liechtenstein. I think what Graham is really great too. I’m living in Liverpool at the moment.

    Greetings from


  9. Claus says:

    wow great job well done, you must be a little bit crazy to do this. ;-) I am from Austria near Feldkirch the border to Liechtenstein, Swiss and Itali.


    Greetings Claus

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