Day 106: The Icelandic Connection


It’s a funny old world – the First Mate off the Reykjafoss used to be part of the original crew on board the Linge Trader when it was launched a few years back. He had photos on his laptop of the bloody thing being built!!

So we got into Reykjavik in the wee small hours – I was on the bridge as the city lights came into view…but we were a few hours too late to make my connection with the Bruarfoss which would be getting into Hull on Sunday. It was time for plan B – the Dettifoss, bound for Rotterdam, arriving Monday. With the right connections, I could be in Liverpool by 8.55pm. Oh yeah.

Anyway, after a restless night worrying about the fact that I’m probably going to have to delete all of the YouTube vids, and the six that I edited in Halifax and on the Reykjafoss will probably never see the light of day… don’t ask, I may accidently BITE YOUR HEAD OFF…. I got up and said my goodbyes to Supercargo Albert and the crew.

I didn’t have to go far to find the Dettifoss – it was moored next to us. I threw my kit on board, met Captain Mathias Mathiasson, and had just a couple of hours to check out Reykjavic before we set sail at midday. Wow. Reykjavic – the quietest capital city of all time – even quieter than Canberra. It was so quiet I was afraid to talk in anything louder than a whisper. Have to say, though, the town itself was not that appealing, I think Iceland’s thrall lies in deeper chasms.

But the main thing is I got some decent sea-sickness tablets. Huzzah! To the sea, my friends, to the sea! I can take it!

The route of the Dettifoss takes it to Reydarfjordur on the east coast of Iceland tomorrow, Torshavn in the Faroe Islands on Saturday and Rotterdam on Monday. My cabin is, as always on these ships, impeccable, and the ship itself is twice the size of the Rekjafoss – it’s MASSIVE! – I’m on G Deck, which means I have to thunder up seven flights of stairs every time I need to grab something from my bag.

We set off in the afternoon and skirted the south coast of the island as the sun set behind us.

Day 107: The Ghost Ship


Where is everyone? While the Reykjafoss was almost guaranteed to have the Captain, Andrey, Albert or Chivas knocking about, the Dettifoss is deserted at night. The TV room is empty and the mess is perfectly quiet, apart from the radio, which always seems to be on, and playing fuzzy music to nobody’s ears. Hmm…

So we arrived in Reydarfjordur in the morning. A beautiful natural bay surrounded by volcanic snow-capped peaks. I tried to find somebody on board to ask how long we would be staying, but finding nobody, took it on myself to have a wander. I didn’t go very far – I wanted to keep the ship in sight, but bloody hell, Iceland is beautiful. I’ll be coming back here.

The food on board the Dettifoss is AWESOME. It’s the best food I’ve had since I left home four months ago, in fact, I find myself looking at my watch at half past five willing the big hand to go faster – food is served at 6pm.

I’m contenting myself reading a really nicely bound copy of the Works of Dashiell Hammett. Cracking stuff – ‘Red Harvest’ is a blood-soaked crime yarn that predates ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ by a good three decades. Good topic to pick for Mastermind and all – he only wrote five books. Easy!