Day 21: Yelling At Neptune


We set off from the marina at around half two in the morning and headed north to Grenada. It was slow and painful, but at least I was moving. Once we got into open water, I went back to sleep. I’m proud to announce that my scurvy landlubber credentials are still thoroughly intact as I spent the entire day yelling at Neptune, if you get my meaning. Blurgh.

I still feel like I’m moving now. Ted, John and Linda took it with good grace (thank you!) and I am more than a little embarrassed by the whole affair. Pizza and beer before getting on a yacht? Never again!

We reached Prickly Bay, Grenada at 3pm and after thanking the crew profusely (and apologising for all the Technicolor yawns) I raced over to the capital, St. Georges for the boat over to Carriacou Island, right up by St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It was there I discovered that Week One of my adventures have been featured on the front page of youtube UK. I did a little dance. But the dance was cut short when the authorities told me I couldn’t press on to Union Island in the Grenadines until the following morning. Damn. This is taking AGES!!!

Day 22: Slapping Pete Doherty


Currently sitting in the Tourist Centre opposite the jetty in Hillsborough, Carriacou island waiting for the guy who said he’d take me to Union Island in his speedboat (for a fee) to come back. He’s been gone an hour.

If anyone is reading this and is in the Caribbean and is BORED and has a speedboat, I NEED YOU MORE THAN PETE DOHERTY NEEDS A SLAP. I’m going to try and bungle my way up to St. Vincent today, but what I really need is passage to Barbados.


7:30pm update:  I finally got a small motor boat over to Union Island in the Grenadines at about midday, it only took about 40 minutes but I got utterly utterly drenched on the way over.

Missed the coastguard leaving for St. Vincent in a goddamn SPEEDBOAT by five minutes.  So I’ve progressed about 3 miles today.  Still on Union Island, I’ve asked half the population if anyone is going north today and I’m just getting laughed at – the ferry for St. Vincent leaves at 6am, so it looks like I’m getting that.

Not a bad place to be stuck for the night, though – this place is as close to paradise as I guess I’m ever going to get.  Palm trees, warm breeze, coconuts, white beaches, tree covered hills, turquoise waters gently lapping at the shore and Ennio Morricone on the cafe stereo.  Not bad at all.

I’m losing hope of getting to the container ship in Canada for the twelfth of February though – chatting with the yachties here there is no way I’m going to get to Barbados from St Vincent – against the wind and talk of 20ft waves, no less.

I should have gone from Trinidad, they tell me.


However, drastic times call for drastic measures and Lorna and I are cooking up a plan to get me to Barbados and back in the blink of an eye.  But, unlike the trip so far, it’s really going to cost me.  It’s going to cost me a lot.

Here’s the video of this week’s shenanigans: